You Walked, now take a STAND

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What is I Stand?

I STAND is a brand new fundraiser in support of Bruce House, The AIDS Committee of Ottawa, and Kind (formerly PTS). All fund raised will go directly to services related to HIV/AIDS including education, prevention, housing, support, harm reduction, and more.

The AIDS Committee of Ottawa STANDS for human rights, health equity, and justice.

Bruce House STANDS for housing, support, and hope.

Kind STANDS for connection and community.

What happened to the Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life Ottawa?

Countless people participated in the AIDS Walk for Life in previous years. That support was instrumental in offering life-changing services for those affected by HIV/AIDS in Ottawa.The Walk was a wonderful event that brought people and groups together, and provided amazing support to the partner agencies. Unfortunately the Walk was also challenged by increasing costs and competition from many other fundraising events. Therefore it is time to move forward with a new fall fundraiser—one that will build on the Walk’s past success and engage new supporters as well.

This year we want to know what you stand for when it comes to HIV/AIDS. We’re asking you to post a short video telling us your name and what you stand for. If you don’t want to post a video, post a photo instead! Just caption it with your “I Stand” statement. Whatever you do, don’t forget to tag us so that we can see it and share it—and link to your fundraising page!

Will you take a stand?

A new fundraiser in support of people affected by HIV/AIDS and the work of:

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